Why Arshdeep Singh is being called as Khalistani?

Arshdeep Singh, who is a Famous Indian International cricketer is being called as Khalistani (Separatist). He is Being Called as Separatist because he Missed very crucial Catch at India vs Pakistan Match Yesterday (4th sep, 2022).

Actually In the 18th over which was bowled by Ravi Bishnoi, Pakistan needed 34 runs with Khushdil Shah and Asif Ali on the crease. On the third delivery, Asif played a sweep shot and ball went into the air and was looking like an easy take for Arshdeep. But fate had other plans in store, as the ball went through his hands, and Asif Ali survived.

Arshdeep Singh

Why Arshdeep Singh is being called as Khalistani?

As He Missed Catch of Asif Ali, which is also the reason of India’s Loss Yesterday, some Netizens on social media (Twitter) running the Trend of Khalistani that Arshdeep singh is Khalistani that’s why he missed catch, In this Trend Harbhajan Singh Stands with Arshdeep singh and says “Stop criticising young @arshdeepsinghh No one drop the catch purposely. we are proud of our 🇮🇳 boys. Pakistan played better.. shame on such people who r putting our own guys down by saying cheap things on this platform bout arsh and team.. Arsh is GOLD.

Yuvraj Singh also Tweeted If you were at the edge of ur seat during #IndiaVSPak, imagine the pressure on the players in the park! One dropped catch doesn’t define ability. We need to unite as a cricket loving nation & support youngsters instead of criticising them. More power to you @arshdeepsinghh”

And the Worst Part is his Wikipedia’s Biography Page is also being vandalised as According to the edit history of Mr Arshdeep Singh’s Wikipedia page, an unregistered user replaced the words “India” with “Khalistan” at several locations on the profile, but these changes were undone within 15 minutes by Wikipedia editors. that’s why,

The Ministry of Electronics & IT today summoned executives from Wikipedia to explain how fake information on cricketer Arshdeep Singh’s page linking him to the separatist Khalistani movement was published on the website, several reports say. The Centre believes this disinformation could disturb communal harmony and also lead to a law and order situation for the cricketer’s family, according to media reports.

And That’s Right He is just a 23 Years Old Young Boy and it is just a beginning of his career as he is not a enough experienced cricketer and the trend against him is so much wrong just imagine yourself in the place of him. when he was about to catch Ball he was so much under pressure not by team members but because of him also as he is playing in the Match of India Vs Pakistan which is not just a match but a emotion for India and Pakistan.

Thankyou so much for reading my views on Arshdeep Singh’s Matter.

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