Most Profitable Blogging Niches With Low Competition in 2023

Finding the right Blogging Niches for your blog is one thing. Finding a low competition, high profit niche to make your own is a whole new ball game. Understanding where to look for low competition niches for bloggers is like looking for gold or oil. You have to know where to look, you want to be the only one drilling there, you need the right tools and experience, and sometimes you just need some luck. Bloggers who find a niche with little competition are likely to be one step ahead of their competitors. They are the ones who can benefit from a larger share of traffic, reap more profits and dominate their topics.

Everyone wants to get into the low competition Blogging Niches. The problem is that there are not many of them and they are always changing. While a lucrative niche may have only emerged in the last year, it is likely already full of other bloggers and content creators, all vying for prime SERP real estate and trying to push each other to the top. So what niche is considered “low competition” and how can a blogger recognize it when they see it?

Whether you’re starting a blog or looking for a new niche to target, finding one with fewer competitors means one thing – more money. After all, that’s the point, right?

We take a look at some of the best low competition niches for bloggers right now. From new blogging niches that will go mainstream with trending topics, to evergreen niches so big there’s always room for new content, finding a niche with little competition is a guarantee of profit.

Choosing the right niche for your blog is very important for blogging success. Blogs that are not intended for anyone are forgotten and disappear behind endless pages of search results. Pages that include content created to meet the needs of a specific audience.

Niches help a blogger to write in a targeted manner. They help the internet find the right content and send it to the right people, and allow us to better understand our audience to create blogs people want to read.

What is a niche?

Most Profitable Blogging Niches With Low Competition in 2023

Blogging Niches is a specific area, topic or topic that you can write about. These niches allow bloggers to narrow their audience by using common interests, issues, or traits to create content specifically for them. This content is much better suited to the low competition Blogging Niches than any other group on the web, and therefore far more valuable.

Blogging Niches can be theme-based, industry-based, or audience-defined. Bloggers can specialize in many niches, and audiences can belong to many different niches depending on their individual needs and behavior.

We can break down a niche by breaking it down into smaller, more targeted segments, or “sub-niches,” or even smaller subsets called “micro-niches.” Find a profitable, low-competition niche for blogging opportunities.

How to find a low competition Blogging Niches

Finding a low competition Blogging Niches involves recognizing a few signs that indicate not much competition. They include:

Monetization Opportunity – How can you monetize your blog in this niche? Will you use affiliate marketing, earn revenue through advertising, or sell products from your blog? A new Blogging Niches with very high monetization potential is likely to be overrun by competitors.

Competition – Think about who you’re dealing with. Are there big players or brands that dominate custom content and what resources do they have? Or are countless other bloggers vying for action? Evaluating your competitors is a reliable measure of niche potential.

Keyword Difficulty (KD) – This refers to how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. Because keywords are related to niches, it may be more difficult to break into keywords with a higher KW difficulty, which indicates more competition.

CPC – Cost Per Click tells you how much someone (who pays to advertise around certain keywords) costs each time a visitor clicks on a display ad. A higher price means a keyword is perceived as more valuable, which means, it’s true, more competition.

Traffic – You can use tools to determine how much traffic a particular niche gets by analyzing how often users search for keywords related to that topic. A look at some of these top keywords will give you a quick idea of ​​how much traffic the niche is getting. While more traffic is a good thing, it can also mean increased competition. And while low traffic is an indicator of a potential blogging niche with little competition, it can also be a sign of a niche not worth pursuing.
How to find Blogging Niches with low competition.

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How to Find Blogging Niches with Low Competition

A simple Google search on a given subject or topic will give you a lot of useful information about the level of competition in an existing or new Blogging Niches. By looking at the SERPs, you can see how good the content is out there, where most of it comes from, and even gauge how much authority and traffic the results get. After analyzing the results, you can begin to identify niches with the least competition but high sales potential.

Do a Google search and analysis

You can analyze a Blogging Niches SERP by typing in keywords or phrases related to a niche that you think could be one of the best low competition Blogging Niches, and the results will give you an idea of ​​the potential of that niche.

Find SERPs with low competition

Look for SERPs with very few or no websites dedicated to the niche. If you find only low-quality content or notice that a lot of content is user-generated, you may have found something. Analyzing these results pages looking for low competition SERPs is another effective tactic and a great platform for identifying profitable niches.

Use the tool for more information

With this information, you can then use tools like Google Trends to provide more detailed information about niche traffic, performance, and movement. A new Blogging Niches that is growing but hasn’t been noticed by most people is your best bet.

The Blogging Niches for bloggers with low competition

We’ve selected some of the best niches for bloggers with low competition and some of their most profitable sub-niches. While each of these niches has countless sub-niches to explore, some have been around for a while and others are new. The trick is figuring out who the best candidates are for a low-competition niche.

We’ve also given these niches a “freshness rating” (how old they are), mentioned their traffic and revenue potential, and assessed the competitive situation of each.

Niche reviews on low competition blogs

1. Gardening at Home

1. Gardening at Home

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Ripe | Potential: Both | Existing competition: Moderate

Interests and trends around the home garden are making a comeback as telecommuters turn their attention to their gardens. Home gardening tips and tricks are some of the areas seeing increased traffic, especially since COVID-19. This Blogging Niches requires good horticultural experience and “green knowledge” – meaning less competition.

Sub-niche ideas: rooftop gardening; DIY gardening hacks; Sustainable Gardening
Statistics: Volume: 27,100/month | CPC: $0.33 | Competition: 0.54

2. Solar Technology

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Trend | Potential: Traffic | Competition Present: Moderate

As energy prices rise and renewable energy solutions become more affordable, creatives that fit here enjoy card credit, especially in local markets. Increased awareness of climate change is also leading to greater interest in solar technology. As prices drop, more and more people want to find smart solutions when it comes to solar power options. Get into this low competition Blogging Niches before it’s too late.

Sub-niche ideas: off-grid energy solutions; ideas for solar tutorials; Cheap solar
Statistics: Volume: 5400/month | CPC: $0.22 | Competition: 0.27

3. Sports equipment at home

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Trend | Potential: Income | There is competition: it is getting tougher

The COVID-inspired lockdown has revolutionized home workouts. Since in-person fitness sessions and peloton bikes became popular, home workouts have become more accessible – and more profitable. While this huge niche has seen a lot of content, it still has a lot of untapped corners, and few creators are submitting quality content to micro-markets with money to burn.

Sub-Niche Ideas: Affordable Gear; smart sports equipment; Personalized home workout and fitness plans
Statistics: Volume: 27,100/month | CPC: $0.25 | Competition: 1

4. Self-Service Products

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Ripe | Potential: Traffic | There is competition: it is getting tougher

While mental health has taken center stage in recent years, treatments and personal care products have largely been sidelined, and many creatives continue to focus on mental health issues.

Now that influencers champion healthy beauty and alternative health products, it’s only a matter of time before you discover one of those new niche blogging unicorns with your name on it.

Sub-Niche Ideas: Alternative Medicine; organic additives; Care Pioneer
Statistics: Volume: 4400/month | CPC: $0.26 | Competition: 1

5. Alternative Pets

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Newborn | Potential: Traffic | There is competition: almost none

Emotional support pets are very common these days, and people tend to adopt and buy exotic animals that would not normally be considered pets. From advocating sustainability and responsible alternative pet ownership to exploring helpful tips and discussing important character traits, this Blogging Niches is a huge traffic magnet that still doesn’t offer too much competition.

Sub-Niche Ideas: Exotic Pets; original accessories for pets; Special care for pets
Statistics: Volume: 590/month | CPC: $0.99 | Competition: 0.1

6. Game Trends

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Ripe | Potential: Both | There is competition: it is getting tougher

OK, so gaming isn’t one of the low competition niches for bloggers we’re looking for. But its growing popularity means a new, diverse audience almost every day. Narrower sub-niches targeting older first-time players, how AI is changing things, and sub-niches focused on game dominance and emerging technologies make for a great low-competition sector.

Sub-niche ideas: in-game AI; New game technology; Career in game design
Statistics: Volume: 2400/month | CPC: $0.12 | Competition: 0.17

7. Security and Protection

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Trend | Potential: Both | Competition Present: Moderate

Rising crime, a looming recession, and general insecurity have people more nervous and security-conscious than they have been in decades. While traditional security topics are well covered, changing how we protect ourselves means many low-competition opportunities to seize.

Sub-Niche Ideas: Home Security Hacks; Personal protective equipment; Smart security technology
Statistics: Volume: 14,800/month | CPC: $0.35 | Competition: 0.03

8. New Sports

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Newborn | Potential: Traffic | There is competition: almost none

New sports like Padel®, the rise of the popular Formula 1, and the shift in sports interest driven by Netflix around the world mean that markets that were once disinterested in any particular sport suddenly can’t have enough. A little research will reveal major trend spikes in emerging sports — and golden opportunities to capitalize on the low competition Blogging Niches.

Sub-niche ideas: paddling sports; Formula 1; The latest social team games and sports
Statistics: Volume: 320/month | CPC: $0.00 | Competition: 0.21

9. Sustainable Food

Most Profitable Blogging Niches With Low Competition in 2023

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Trend | Potential: Both | Competition Present: Moderate

People are eating healthier than they have for generations. Since the start of 2022, interest in sustainable food has increased significantly. Driven by food trends like veganism, sustainability awareness and home-cooked meals, this niche is growing fast. Creators end up in high-potential sub-niches and partner with brands en-masse.

Sub-niche ideas: “energy free” recipes, reusing kitchen scraps; only sustainable food recipes
Statistics: Volume: 12,100/month | CPC: $0.66 | Competition: 0.15

10. Space Exploration

An illustrated blogging guide to affiliate marketing
Freshness: Newborn | Potential: Traffic | There is competition: it is getting tougher

NASA, space agencies and private space companies send satellites and humans into orbit almost every month. The presence of the moon is also a real possibility – maybe even in our lives.

As the Mars mission progressed, more attention was paid to space exploration, especially among younger viewers. Some creators who are merging new blogging niches with related sub-niches are seeing impressive traffic booms that are unlikely to slow down.

Sub-Niche Ideas: Careers in Space; space technology; Interstellar Science
Statistics: Volume: 33,100/month | CPC: $0.52 | Competition: 0.16

At the End,

If you’re looking for a top, low-competition niche for bloggers, we recommend checking out one of the niches above. While there are more niches to explore out there, most of them are filled by other creators who already have their own themes and audiences.

Find new blogging niches that interest you and pay attention to niches that you think will be less crowded but still get a lot of traffic. Consider using a tool like Google Trends to find which niches are trending and consider using an SEO tool to check details and data. This metric tells you everything you need to know about which niches are good candidates with little competition and which are not.

Once you find a profitable Blogging Niches with little competition, master it. Create engaging, quality content for your market while staying true to Google’s E-E-A-T rules and recommendations.

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